Roofs Need Help

Living in Northern Virginia, your roof can take quite a beating. As a result, roofs need help to be replaced, or inspected, on a regular basis. The best thing you can do is have a contractor go up on the roof and inspect it directly. That way, you will be able to get your roof up to snuff and working great for you. For a professional roofing contractor and repair in McLean check out

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Choice Roof Contractor Mentor Takes Nationwide Road Tour

“Hope is the power that gives a person the confidence to stand out and try.” – Zig Ziglar

There have been many stories of how our nationwide contractor support network has been presenting life-changing opportunities. But we really got to see things in action when Senior Mentor, Sam Hostetler, took to the road for a three-week tour across the United States.

Over those many days, Sam spoke with not only people already involved, but also individuals looking to see how they could benefit from joining the network. The trip was inspiring on many levels, but especially in regards to how important it can be to commercial roofers to take full advantage of the marketing, mentorship and training opportunities offered to them, as well as the rewards experienced by Sam, as he works alongside and experiences the growth potential in each individual.

6,500+ Mile Trip Across the United States

mapFrom Montana to Texas, Colorado to Georgia; the nationwide tour presented unique opportunities to connect with many new as well as experienced contractors who were at different stages of their business involvement in commercial roofing. The roofers Sam met with became enthralled with the idea of using the Conklin coatings and membranes because of the proven track record the company is known for and they also quickly recognized the income-building potential that is attractive to roofing contractors during times when income is typically decreasing – such as off-season or as they approach retirement age. Another area that Sam found to be appealing to the roofers he spoke with on his trip is the service guarantee that is offered to contractors who choose to become a part of the Choice Roof opportunity because being able to offer this type of guarantee even when companies go out of business or change hands is a huge selling point.

Sam met with plenty of new contractors and salespeople at the two-day hands-on Conklin roof systems training, including the team from KCI Roofing, Cudeso, Bright Spot Wind & Solar, and an equipment dealer’s sales representative. These businessmen came from all over the U.S. to learn about Conklin roof products and to experience in person the important benefits of joining our network being offered to them, including:

Receive Free Commercial Roofing Guidebook


• Free lead generation
• Lifetime mentorship
• Discounted product pricing
• Dedicated marketing support
• Advanced product knowledge
• Unique roofing sales material

Next, Sam traveled to Georgia, where he met with contractors and our partner, Spray Foam Systems. Energy efficiency is so important, especially in today’s economy, and Spray Foam Systems partnership gives roofing contractors joining the network the ability to offer spray foam roofing and insulation services. In addition, Spray Foam Systems also provides free, live technical support on their equipment and has the capability to ship immediately all ordered parts and supplies to guarantee customer satisfaction with delivery.

In Texas, Sam was excited to meet up with and to introduce the network to Cory Stone, president of Ultimate Choice Roofing in Lewisville, Texas. During Sam’s stay, Cory made the decision to add Conklin products to his portfolio. Other contractors Sam spoke with include Kyle Davis of Super Roof Man of Fort Worth, TX and Michael Rankin of Horizon Construction in Austin, TX. Sam also liaised with team members Brian Reid and Ian Myers. Sam was able to connect with these and many more high caliber people on his trip, all of whom were attracted to the exciting benefits being offered because they were quick to realize that this is the only business opportunity that allows people to go out and the more they help fellow roofers by bringing them into the network, this will in turn lead to a higher level of success for them as well.

Leaving Texas, Sam traveled to Montana, passing through Colorado along the way; meeting and greeting many more roofing contractors interested in building relationships, adding great products and services to their portfolios and receiving the mentorship and support from expert commercial roofers. Sam became convinced that building a network with the Choice Roof Contractor Group and giving as many contractors the opportunity to receive the tools, support and opportunity they need to grow their companies was the way to go for everyone involved. The networking opportunity offered allows everyone involved to make a lot more for themselves and to go further than they may have dreamed or imagined they could achieve on their own. What has been created so far is but a drop in the bucket and there is still an “untouched frontier” to develop in the roofing industry. Choice Roof Contractor Group has proven its ability to build up successful commercial roofing businesses for contractors, and expert mentorship is the vessel that will allow virtually anyone with the entrepreneurial dream to achieve their financial and business desires.

Choice Roof Contractor Group’s Partnership with Conklin Roofing Systems

Contractors join our network to receive:

  • Free Lead Generation
  • Marketing Support
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Complete Training
  • Mentorship Program


Our support network is possible because of the synergy between Choice Roof Contractor Group and Conklin Roofing Systems. Choice Roof Contractor Group offers free lead generation, lifetime mentorship, strong profit potential with discounted, reliable roofing products, creditable training, endorsement with our nationwide network, and the ability to give customers a competitive lifetime service guarantee. Conklin Roofing Systems stands out with the best roofing products because they are the original inventor of acrylic roofing systems, have a warranty claims rate of less than one-half of one percent, have an outstanding reputation, offer watertight coating solutions with no seams, and roofs that can withstand harsh hail and hurricane-force winds.

Sam’s nationwide road tour exposed the great need roofing contractors have to hope for and to boost their self-confidence. Hope and confidence boosting tools and support can be found in both a network that stands behind them and in a quality product that stands the test of time; both of which gives all those who join the network confidence to not only stand out and try but to succeed in the quest to build financially successful businesses.

To talk to Sam or one of our other expert commercial roofers about our network or why they provide so much free support, use the form at our contact page.

New Roof Options

When it comes time to get a new roof on your home, there are many options available to you. You can get a new one that is made of metal, one that uses shingles, or one that uses old tires that have been melted down. There are many new roofing options out there for you, and all it takes is finding the right one. For replacement and repair in mclean check out

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Gutter Repair Service

If you are thinking of getting your gutters repaired, there are several options available to you. A gutter repair service can get the job done right, at a low-cost. With gutter repair, you want a gutter repair service to do the job right, so you don’t have to foot the bill for replacement. Do your research to find the right gutter repair service for you. For gutter services and gutter replacement in McLean check out


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A Flat Roof Needs Extra Care

If you have a flat roof, you are going to need to make sure that you get it checked on a regular basis. Unlike slanted roofs, a flat one can accumulate debris, snow and more. This can result in it collapsing under extreme conditions. Make sure you have it inspected at least once every year or two. For repair and replacement in Middleburg checkout


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White Roof Coating Cost

Today’s blog post will be of interest to building owners and facility managers, as it provides an overview of the cost of white roof coatings. Known for their ability to “restore” a commercial roof and make it an energy-saving asset, white roof coatings are often far more cost-effective than a complete commercial roof replacement. However, when it comes to roof coatings themselves, just what costs do they involve?

When looking at the cost of roof coatings, there are a few things to keep in mind. People should think of what a roof coating job will require in terms of cost per square foot. Plus, a distinction must be made between jobs with only one roof coating application and jobs where a complete roof coating system is applied to an existing roof membrane. These factors will help in weighing the cost burdens of both options as how well each option truly performs.

According to industry experts, material costs for just a single roof coating application can range from $0.50-$1.00 per square foot. These costs will definitely vary based on location and dynamics of local roofing markets, though. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also provides a cost range estimate of $0.75-$1.00 per square foot for roof coatings on low slope roofs. Installation costs depend on your local market, the experience of the contractor, and other factors. For a free quote from one of our qualified Choice Roof Contractors, visit the following link: Free Commercial Roof Coating Estimate.

On the other hand, applying a complete white roof coating system on an existing roof membrane, or just “membrane coating system” for short, involves more material inputs. This comprehensive white roof coating system typically starts at $1.00 per square foot for just materials. However, it offers far more durability and longevity than a single coating application presents.

Why is the Membrane Coating System Superior to a Single Roof Coating Application?

energy saving roof coatingFor one, the membrane coating system requires more extensive preparation than a single coating application. The existing commercial roof surface must be vigorously cleansed and prepared before the membrane coating system’s primer is applied. Because of the extensive prep work involved, the membrane coating system tends to be more long-lasting than a simple coating application does.

The membrane coating system is fully adhered, has more than one layer of protection, and is capped off by a top coat which is completely seamless. On top of these features, the membrane coating system also comes with an exceptionally strong, fully-knit polyester fabric. This great-performing fabric material – known as Spunflex reinforced fabric – meets military-grade standards for performance. The Spunflex fabric is used to reinforce an existing commercial roof’s seams and exposed areas around protrusions, rooftop units, curbs, and more. The end result is that the commercial roof’s strength and durability are substantially enhanced. In turn, that dramatically improves the roof’s resistance to splitting or rupturing, even over time.

These features make the membrane coating system an exceptional waterproofing agent, give it greater longevity than other coating solutions available today, and render it a strong-performing solution against leaks and other roofing problems.

What Are Other Benefits of White Roof Coatings?

energy saving roof coatingSo, a membrane coating system will have less-demanding expense burdens over its lifetime than a single coating application will experience. With the “white” roof surface of the membrane coating system, though, what are some other benefits that building owners and facility managers can enjoy?

  • ENERGY STAR® certified roofing protection and possible tax benefits
  • Up to 85% reflectivity of sun’s heat energy and lowered roof surface temperature by 80°
  • More comfortable and cooler building interior or workplace
  • Potentially 30% savings in annual cooling costs
  • Up to 15% reduction in annual utility costs
  • Lower upkeep and maintenance costs for a building’s HVAC system
  • Lower repair and maintenance costs for damage from sun’s deteriorating effects

In fact, the Conklin white roof coating systems we apply can pay for themselves in 5-7 years with annual energy savings!

The energy-saving potential of white roofs has been well-documented. The Urban Green Council has estimated that white roofs on commercial buildings could generate 89% net energy savings. Plus, recently in 2010, it was estimated that if 85% of air-conditioned buildings in the United States had white roofs, building owners and facility owners could see $735 million in annual energy savings. There are many case studies or industry analyses demonstrating white roofs’ credibility and superiority over white roof paint as well.

Why Go With White Roof Coatings?

metal roof coatingHere are a few other reasons that put the value of white roof coatings in context:

  • White roof coatings reflect that vast majority of the sun’s heat energy instead of absorbing it
  • They offer a powerful solution to the “urban heat island effect” of concern today
  • They have “elastomeric” properties, or the ability to easily expand and contract in hot and cold temperature extremes
  • They generally do not involve roof tear-off, disposal, or other costly, time-consuming procedures associated with roof replacement
  • They are excellent resisters of cracking and weathering caused by long-term sun exposure
  • They reduce a building’s carbon footprint and lessen its reliance on the electricity grid
  • White roof coatings greatly counter the adverse effects of greenhouse gas emissions and are “sustainable” building materials
  • They lower peak energy demand in the summer season

In short, white roof coatings can enhance a building’s performance, lower its energy consumption, strengthen its eco-friendliness, and help save thousands in energy costs.

Our Nationwide Contractor Network’s Value Proposition

call-newAs a forward-thinking group of commercial roofing specialists, Choice Roof Contractor Group has seen the value of white roof coatings and energy-efficient roofing solutions in general. That is why we use Conklin’s line of high-performance, energy-efficient roofing products.

Here are a few ways Conklin roofing products stand out:

  • Can increase an aging commercial roof’s life for decades
  • Best-in-class waterproofing solutions among the many available today
  • No seams, no more leaks, and reduced opportunities for trouble
  • ENERGY STAR° certified and all associated benefits and huge cost-saving potential
  • Can save 30-50% in annual cooling costs depending on the roof system
  • Greatly strengthen a building’s overhead with little-to-no extra deadweight
  • Fewer roof maintenance and upkeep demands every year
  • Non-prorated warranty guarantees on 100% of labor and material costs
  • Save up to 50% on avoided roof replacement costs

Conklin roofing products have been installed on over 2 billion square feet nationwide, and they have a reported warranty claims rate of less than 0.5% – a testament to their efficacy. Our Choice Roof Contractors back these commercial roofing solutions with lifetime service guarantees for your commercial building. Should you be interested in learning more about how our nationwide network can benefit you, give us a call at (800) 670-5583.

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