Maintain Your Gutters

Homeowners should never forget to maintain their gutter systems. Make sure that your gutter and downspouts are moving water ‘away’ from your house. If your gutters are dented, crooked or have branches rubbing against them, you should quickly repair these issues. Gutter repairs may stop water backing up under your shingles and flashing. Puddles of run-off water may also accumulate around the base of your home and cause leaks into your basement. Check out roofer911 in McLean for all your roof damage and roof repair needs.

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Roofing Training Program Opportunities

Today’s blog post will be of interest to quality-minded contractors who want to start their own roofing business. It also has educational value for current roofing business owners, business development managers, or company employees who are looking to take their organization to the next level. We take a look at one of the most important […]

Chimney Leaks

Overtime, chimneys can start to leak. There are many reasons why your chimney could be leaking. In some instances, the flashing may have cracked, allowing water to seep through and cause water damage to your home. In most other cases, you may only need to close your chimney correctly during a storm. To be sure your chimney doesn’t have a leak, call a professional for a roof inspection. Check out in Great Falls for any roof damage or roof repair.

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Skylight Dangers

Skylights are a beautiful touch to a dark space in your home. Having a skylight also means getting a regular roof inspection. Overtime, skylights’ flashing can deteriorate and cause a leak. Leaky skylights are very dangerous; your skylight could fall from its place in the ceiling and end up on your floor. To ensure the safety of your skylight, get a roof inspection. Check out in Mclean for any roof damage or roof repair.

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Commercial Roof Repair Cost

Today’s post builds on top of previous analysis on commercial roof replacement costs. This time around, we examine what is involved with commercial roof repair costs. Generally speaking, repair costs can be difficult to estimate because they often vary according to roof system type. Factors such as how many appliances are on top of a […]

Inspection Importance

Getting your roof inspected for leaks is a definite must. Frequent water coming into your home can cause some serious damage. Having water damage can lead to many other serious issues such as mold, mildew, and fire hazard. Leaks can even affect your energy costs by soaking insulation and keeping the insulation from doing it's job. Get your roof inspected to ensure the safety of your home. Check out Roofer911 in Middleburg for roof damage and roof repair.

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Earthquakes Shake Oklahoma

Did you know building movement is ranked No. 2 for major cause of commercial roof leaks? In the three day period Oklahoma experienced more than eight earthquakes according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The most severe earthquake this month registered 4.3 but they are averaging anywhere from 2.5 to 4.0.   Oklahoma has now surpassed California [...]

Winter Roofing Dangers

In winter, ice can easily build up under your roof, shingles and gutters. These ice builds start to back up when they reach the wall line, where the house is heated, and can create an interior drip. The right ventilation, ice and rain shields, together with installing a drip edge, will help prevent these problems. You could already have some roof damage to your home. Check out in Great Falls for your home’s roof repair.

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Roof Valley Dangers

A roof valley is where two parts of your roof come together. Valleys are very common places where leaks occur. This is where leaves and water collect creating a pool to soak into your roof through unsealed nails and withered shingles. We all know what happens when water enters your home. Mold and water damage can turn into costly repairs. Keep your roof safe by getting your roof inspected regularly. Check out roofer911 for all your roof damage repairs in McLean.

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