When to Inspect a Commercial Roof

Over time, all roofs experience wear-and-tear or aging. Prolonged exposure to the sun, inclement weather such as heavy rainstorms, leaks forming from water infiltration between seams—these are just a few of the many factors that take their toll on a roof. When problems with a roof arise—even small ones—they demand a prompt response. But the […]

Changing Temperatures Can Damage Your Commercial Roof

In some parts of the country, it isn’t unusual to have 60 degrees one day, and snow the next. The change from cold to warmth is tough on a roof.  The change in temperature is called thermal shock.  Thermal shock is the way in which some materials are prone to damage if they are exposed [...]

Easter Sunday – You Are Invited!

At Saratoga Roofing & Construction, our mission: “To honor God by providing unparalleled, high quality commercial roofing service to customers who value the Saratoga difference.”  Is something we strive to live by every day. As part of our mission, we want to take time out to invite you this Easter weekend. If you do not [...]

Tempur-Pedic: Never Count Sheep Again

Do you toss and turn in the middle of the night while trying to go to sleep? Even after a long day of work, socializing, cooking, cleaning, activities, school or anything else that should completely …