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The term "residential roofing" applies to roofs that are on single dwelling living spaces that are usually individual single family homes. The most common residential roofing system installed in the United States is an asphalt shingle roof system. The State building codes may vary but most of the high wind areas in the US now require that shingles are fastened with at least six nails per shingle for optimum wind resistance.

Decades ago it was common for many shingle roofs to have two to three layers of shingles but now most nail overs are only done by investors flipping houses to increase profits or people with low budgets. Most shingle warranties are voided when you do not tear off a roof and just install another layer of shingles. nail overs do not last very long and you will be lucky if you get even half of the life from the shingles that you use. This is because your roof cannot breathe and heat builds up between the layers causing your roof to cook from the inside out.

Some residential homes do not have a shingle roof and are nothing more than low sloped flat roofs. This is not very common and residential flat roofs are built primarily on exterior porches, patios, garages, add-ons, and other such structures only. Most building contractors know that flat roofs are problematic and it can be very hard to find a good roofing contractor to install them correctly this is the main reason that low sloped roofs are uncommon for residential structures.

Residential Roofing Companies Virginia Beach

A watertight roof will keep your costly possessions safe and secure from the elements. The importance of a solid, secure roof is overlooked by many residential homeowners until they have a costly roofing emergency. A well-maintained roof is key to preserving the integrity of your home and your roof should never be overlooked. A roofer should inspect your roof every so often to avoid any surprises in the future.

At Aquashield Roofing we specialize in residential roofing, residential roof repair and installing new asphalt shingles on your home. If you have a hard to fix roof leak or if you think that you just may need a new roof installation then call us to set up a free no obligation estimate. All of our roofs are installed with supervised roofing crew that uses precise craftsmanship and top of the line workmanship.

Our residential roofers have the experience to get the job done quickly, efficiently and cost-effective. Aquashield Roofing company offers a fair price to meet your budget along with responsive customer service and fair business practices.

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